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New synthesizer RITM-2 MOBILE TECH SERVICE LLC is a member of the E-TERA business community.

Responsible for the quality of the synthesizer produced under the VG-Line trademark is Vyacheslav Grigoriev — Lead Development Engineer, Project Director of RITM-2 and managing partner of HP E-TERA (+7 925 502-49-66, e-mail: 5024966 @ gmail.com). Warranty period is 2 years.

The price of the new RITM-2 is 50,000 rubles. plus shipping, if you are not in Moscow.
The price is right at the moment; she may change a little.

In order to buy RITM-2, you need to send a request to the address 5024966@gmail.com. Please indicate in the subject line “RITM-2_zakaz”. Please contact us at a phone number that may be useful if our email goes to spam. In response, you will receive an invoice for payment.

At the moment there is a possibility to make payment via PayPal, Payoneer and direct transfer to a bank account in rubles, euros or dollars.

At the moment, for the delivery of RITM-2 in Russia and around the world, we use the EMS service. Shipping cost is 20-60 euros.
The order is shipped within 15 business days of receipt of full payment.
Within 24 hours after we send the message about the carrier, we will send the tracking number to the buyer.
The seller assumes responsibility for insuring the shipment. For this service we add 5 euros to the cost of delivery. In case of loss or damage to the synthesizer during transportation, we send you a replacement or the full cost of the product and delivery (in accordance with the choice of the client).
If the synthesizer arrives damaged (the damage is caused on the way), the buyer must, together with the representative of the postal service, report the damage and send us a copy by e-mail. The report must be accompanied by clear photographs of the damage.
E-TERA to the buyer.
Those who have agreed to be fully responsible for paying all applicable customs and import taxes that apply to their country. E-TERA cannot provide an accurate estimate of these fees. Please contact your local tax or customs office.
If you need any documents, or in the special information written on the parcel, or in the customs declaration (bill), let us know about it before sending.

** RITM-2 synthesizers are experimental, therefore they may differ in a number of parameters from the generally accepted standards of mass production synthesizers.

To ensure that the synthesizer meets your requirements and expectations.


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